SAGA-II the epic EP journey from MEMBA is out now!

The EP, a follow up to their debut collection ‘SAGA-I’ spans a total of seven tracks in length, and is paired with a 13 minute audio visual film ( watch below).

As MEMBA elaborates:

"After the filthiness that was SAGA-I, we decided to come back with something drastically different. The new EP offers 7 songs that convey life on SAGA-II, a planet of newfound awareness where people accept life and death as they are, using it to live better now. We feel that the best way to experience this place is to not only hear it but also see it… The SAGA-II film was shot all over the world, from India to New York to Seattle, and combined the efforts of a small army of visual artists. It tells the story of a relic from SAGA-II that accidentally arrives on Earth, connecting strangers in a shared moment of presence. This film is best when watched several times to find all the hidden connections."

We have been excited to share this project for a very long, we hope you enjoy it!