Coming off of huge sets at Ultra Music Festival, Sundara, Coachella, and soon, Electric Forest, NY production duo MEMBA are back with their latest track ‘Walls Down’ featuring vocals from FFC label mate and breakout solo artist EVAN GIIA.

The trio takes a deeper dive into their darker sounds, exploring uncharted territory in a tune that showcases their unconventional approach to breaking through today’s electronic music landscape.  Teased in both artists’ live shows this track has been a crowd favorite.

On ‘Walls Down’ the duo comment: “Walls Down took us a while because we wrote it twice. Initially it was much faster. We showed it to EVAN GIIA and she immediately understood the direction of the song. She wrote the lyrics and recorded the final version in a few hours. She recorded it as she usually does - in the bathroom. We usually retrack but there was this sauce in the original delivery that we just loved. Months passed. We both played the song at our shows. We were raving in the crowd at EVAN GIIA’s show one time and it just felt a bit eh. it wasn’t ever really a huge stand out for us production wise. So we decided to V2 it. We were deep in SAGA-II at this point. We started the entire thing from scratch with that mentality and were possessed to write the version you hear today.”