Melbourne-based songwriter and producer Running Touch delivers a synth-laden house journey on his newly minted release. Titled “Make Your Move”, the heavenly slice of sonic romantics comes on the heels of his last FFC release “When I’m Around You” (praised by Pilerats for “compact production lush with subtle melodies”).

Running Touch explains that his newest “is born from a years long love/lust story. The wear that comes with being with someone you shouldn’t. Maybe even leaning into anything you know you shouldn’t want or doesn’t make sense at the time it’s in front of you.” 

He goes on to say it’s “one of the fastest songs I would have got down...but to finish it took moving a lot of pieces...which in the end proved necessary,” before appraising his work as a whole; “This project is in what I feel is it’s most ambitious and natural phase. I feel like although I’m not wholly matured creatively...I’m taking the right steps to get there....Taking my music to other countries for the first time has proved so influential in what I want to do and how I want to do it, giving me a stronger vision for this project than ever before.”